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Content Integrator



Sybase Content Integrator is an intuitive toolset built for software vendors that immediately adds content extraction, aggregation, and transformation functionality to existing applications so users have access to clean, targeted data.

Sybase Content Integrator dramatically expands the relevant content available through applications. Dynamic content can be captured from a variety of static and real-time data sources including Web sites, relational databases, and XML data. Sybase Content Integrator then aggregates the captures and presents them as unique, targeted views of relevant information.

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  • Increase revenue and strengthen market position - Improves the prominence of your application, allowing it to act as a dashboard for other key applications, and enables non-technical users to build custom views of information.
  • Rapidly develop at a low cost of cost of sale - Software vendors can extend their products quickly and easily. And since costs for OEM outsourced development are absorbed at the time of sale, you gain the benefit of transferring the development from an R&D cost to a low, predictable cost of sale.


  • Desenvolvedores - Join a community of developers using Sybase Content Integrator, find sample code, share code examples, find tech docs and more!
  • Suporte - Get help solving problems, find technical documents, or contact technical support
  • Consultoria - Receive consultation on developing and implementing Sybase Content Integrator solutions from Sybase Professional Services
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